Advice & Guidance

Working with Professionals

If you can foster a good working relationship with your architect or building surveyor, contractors and other specialists you will find the task of caring for your place of worship becomes a great deal easier. When selecting a professional you may wish to bear in mind the following questions:

  • Does your chosen professional or craftsperson have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience?
  • Does your chosen professional or craftsperson belong to the appropriate professional bodies?
  • Is your chosen professional or craftsperson accredited if this is necessary for the proposed work?
  • Have you taken advice from your denominational body, spoken to colleagues and followed up references?
  • Have you visited recently completed projects to see their work for yourself?
  • Do you have a full understanding of the services being offered and matters such as timetabling and payment?

If you need help finding a professional or a craftsperson you can contact the SPAB's Technical Advice Line on 0207 456 0916 on Fridays between 9.30am and 4.30pm. Although the SPAB cannot make recommendations, it can suggest the names of conservation specialists in your area.

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