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Damp expert Mike ParrettThere may be other occasions when you require specialist help and advice. A common ‘specialist' area is the subject of damp and timber decay. There are a number of reputable companies who can provide independent advice regarding damp and timber decay but it is wise to consult your architect or surveyor in the first instance. If you believe that advice from a damp specialist is necessary, try to avoid using companies with a vested interest in a particular type of work i.e. damp proofing or timber treatment.

You should be looking for an independent consultant, not someone selling a solution. There are a great many cautionary tales of people treating their properties with damp proofing chemicals when there was probably a better, less intrusive solution.

If you are planning a major scheme of repairs, you may also find that you need to involve an archaeologist, particularly where the ground or fabric is to be disturbed. Archaeologists have their own professional body, the Institute of Field Archaeologists (IFA), which sets codes of professional conduct and practice and maintains a searchable database of registered archaeological organisations.

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