About us

Project Objectives

  • To provide thirty free training courses each year over the life of the project.  Places on the training courses are available to all volunteers who have a responsibility for the care of an historic place of worship.
  • To provide a dedicated telephone helpline service. 
  • To produce a maintenance handbook (The Good Maintenance Guide) and maintenance calendar.  These are given freely to all those who attend a training course and can also be purchased from the SPAB's online bookshop.
  • To maintain a project website (www.spabfim.org.uk) which contains guidance on maintenance issues, signposts to further advice, case studies and other resources.
  • To produce a free monthly email bulletin service.  This gives advice on the tasks that need to be tackled each month and also signposts further sources of advice and guidance.
  • To produce a DVD.  This sixty minute film provides practical advice on the day-to-day care of historic places of worship and highlights some of the common maintenance problems and how to deal with them.  Approximately 30,000 copies of the DVD will be distributed freely to volunteers of all faiths across England and Wales in 2009.