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New Project

We have now come to the end of the Faith in Maintenance training project as our grant funding has finished. From the feedback we have received we know that many of our delegates valued meeting and talking to other volunteers at our courses.

VolunteersWe also know that many of you would welcome ongoing support to help you look after your places of worship and would like to acquire further skills that might help you in this task. With these comments in mind we have developed a proposal to set up and run a series of ‘local maintenance co-operatives’ across England. The idea is to bring together a group of volunteers in a local area and to support them to tackle the challenges of caring for historic places of worship together.

We have now received funding for the new project - the Maintenance Co-operative Movement - from the Heritage Lottery Fund and we will be launching this in early 2014. 

For further details please read our short project summary.