Maintenance Schemes

The Faith in Maintenance team recommend that you sign up to a gutter maintenance scheme if there is one operating in your area.  If there isn't an existing scheme in place, think about arranging your own gutter maintenance agreement between a group of churches and a local contractor.

English Heritage has produced a Gutter Clearance Checklist that you can give to two or three reputable contractors so that they can provide you with a quote.  Consider choosing the contractor who offers you the best service rather than simply looking for the cheapest price. Supplying a roof plan of your building and a plan of the surrounding area may help the contractors to cost the work accurately.

Gutter Maintenance Programme

Gutter Maintenance ProgrammeThis scheme has been in operation since November 2006.  It is open to all parishes in the Diocese of London and is available free to ‘diocesan supported parishes’.

The Diocese recommends a minimum of one visit per year preferably in the autumn after the leaf fall. Not only are all the gutters cleaned but the parish also receives a report, with photographs, showing the condition of the building at high level.

For further information please email or ring the Gutterphone on 020 7932 1250. You can also visit the Diocese of London website.


GutterClear launchThe GutterClear scheme aims to keep churches in the Gloucestershire area in good condition by arranging for regular maintenance visits to clear out the gutters and downpipes. The project was set up by the Diocese of Gloucester in collaboration with Maintain our Heritage and with the generous support of a number of private donors and English Heritage in 2007. Its services are available to places of worship of all faiths and denominations.

For further details visit the GutterClear website.


Gutters being cleanedElix is a ground-breaking maintenance scheme open to all the churches and chapels in Suffolk. For five years, starting in winter 2009/10, places of worship joining the scheme will have a contractor who will check and clean all rainwater goods and above ground gullies.  They will also photograph and advise on any defects or works that should be considered and will take photographs of the completed work.

The Elix scheme is being run by the Diocese of St Edmundsbury & Ipswich and is supported by Suffolk Historic Churches Trust and MY Group. 

Download the Elix brochure.

Church Maintenance Scheme

A similar maintenance scheme is now available to churches in Norfolk, run by MY Group in partnership with the Diocese of Norwich.

Download the Church Maintenance Scheme brochure.