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Highlights 2010

The FiM project won a prestigious European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage/ Europa Nostra Award in 2010. © Graham Price FiM team and Lester Borley at St Selpuchre
FiM training courses provide plenty of opportunities to study the problems that can be caused by ineffective rainwater goods.  Our participants had some good suggestions about how to resolve this problem. Delegates identifying a damp issue
Chatting over tea and cakes is a good way of sharing ideas and experiences with other volunteers.  The local team at Bicester St Edburg made us all very welcome in May.
Time for coffee and a chat
Staring into the abyss - Market Lavington St Mary the Assumption illustrated the challenges caused by changes in ground levels over the years very well indeed. Considering the question of drainage
Towards the end of the year FiM celebrated it's 100th training course at Wesley's Chapel in London. We've also welcomed over 3,000 delegates to our courses so far.   © Ralph Hodgson FiM celebrates 100 courses