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Highlights 2009

In Derbyshire we were able to enjoy the lofty modern nave of Wingerworth All Saints.  The extension was added in the 1960s and makes an interesting contrast to the old part of the church which dates from the C11. Wingerworth
Stafford St Mary provided lots of food for thought and generated some interesting discusions about maintenance - much to the amusement of those taking part in the annual 'Ride + Stride' fundraising event.
Sara's favourite course venue was Downside Abbey.  She spent a day talking about maintenance issues with the monks of the Benedictine Community of Saint Gregory the Great. Downside Abbey
In Swansea a hands-on vicar demonstrated how lush borders of planting can impede important maintenance tasks such as clearing gulleys. Swansea
Attending a Faith in Maintenance course isn't all about hard work.  There's usually plenty of time to chat to fellow volunteers... and to have a slice of cake with your tea of course! Whitland