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Highlights 2008

We started the year at Bolton All Souls, a wonderful church now in the care of The Churches Conservation Trust (TCCT) and destined to become a hub for the local Muslim community.
Bolton All Souls
Waterloo Old Christ Church also belongs to TCCT and is looked after by a dedicated Friends group, many of whom braved a very blustery day to attend the FiM course. Waterloo Old Christ Church (Liverpool)
The weather at Meopham St John the Baptist was rather better but our delegates spotted some serious maintenance issues including faulty rainwater goods that needed to be addressed. Meopham St John the Baptist
Sometimes we had to contend with very wet weather. However, the downpours didn't put off delegates at Chitterne and they were able to see for themselves just how well the gutters were coping... or not! Chitterne All Saints & St Mary
There is always time to share stories and even top maintenance tips over a cup of tea at a FiM course. They do say that a problem shared is a problem halved!
Barnwell St Andrew