High Level Access

Volunteers often worry about how they can safely gain access to gutters and downpipes at high level on their church buildings. This is a particular problem for those who look after places of worship with dizzyingly lofty roof lines or fantastically complicated roofscapes.

Birmingham All Saints

But help is at hand in the form of some nifty pieces of kit. In the last few years powered access platforms have developed to the point where they can be used to reach almost every nook and cranny inside and outside a church building - perfect for getting the leaves and debris out of those pesky parapet gutters.

Rob Forrester of Forrester Access is one of a new breed of specialist with a fleet of access platforms and the skill to tackle the important job of maintaining historic places of worship.

He has carried out maintenance inspections and gutter clearance work at a vast range of heritage buildings and is now part of the team of GutterClear contractors working for the Diocese of Gloucester.Access platfrom in use

Rob says "With the aid of a powered access platfrom it is quite easy to get to places where a traditional ladder would be almost useless. This means that the gutters and hoppers of an average parish church can be cleaned out in a day, potentially saving the local community the heartache of raising money to repair a roof damaged by timber decay caused by an overflowing gutter."

Although the technology of rainwater goods has changed very little since gutters were invented the technology to clean them has moved on a lot. Now there is no excuse for not tackling this all important maintenance task!

You can now watch Rob's team in action clearing moss off the roof and replacing broken tiles at Pershore Abbey on YouTube.

Some platforms are small enough to fit through a door.

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