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Health and Safety

The best source of advice on health and safety issues is the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The HSE provides sensible guidance on all matters related to health and safety including working at height, asbestos and fire safety etc.  If you haven't had responsibility for dealing with health and safety previously you might start with the follwing guidance notes:

Key points to help you work safely:

  • If you have any doubts as to whether you can carry out a task safely – don’t do it – seek further guidance or employ a reputable tradesperson.
  • For specialist tasks such as those concerning electrical or heating services always engage a fully qualified professional.
  • Before undertaking an inspection or carrying out routine maintenance tasks, consider carrying out a risk assessment.
  • Do not work alone and always ensure that someone else is aware of what you are doing and where you will be.
  • Consider obtaining and using the appropriate personal protective equipment.
  • Be especially careful when working at height or when entering confined spaces. Boiler rooms and bell chambers give rise to particular hazards that need to be addressed.
  • Make sure you have sufficient light to illuminate your work place and ensure that there is adequate ventilation.
  • Be extremely wary of fragile surfaces that may not take your weight. This might include glass and polycarbonate roof lights as well as delicate plaster and timber ceilings.
  • Be aware of others working nearby and do not distract them unnecessarily. Think about their safety as much as your own.
  • Expect the unexpected – for example finding hypodermic needles in gulleys.

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