For Want of a Nail

The following is a true story about events that took place at a fine church in Birmingham in January 1979.  The story is told here by architect John Bucknall - you might recognise the similarity to the old folk poem ‘For Want of a Nail'.

"For the sake of cleaning out the gutter... it filled with leaves.

Because no one removed the leaves... the gutter filled with water.

Because no one drained the water... the water in the gutter froze.

Because the gutters could not take the weight of the ice... the gutters crashed down through the aisle roof and smashed onto the aisle floor.

The Parochial Church Council asked the Diocese for a grant to repair the floor, the roof and the gutters but the Archdeacon took one look and closed the church down. Within a few months the church had been pulled down.

And all for the lack of faith in maintenance!"