Fire Prevention

Extension CableThis cautionary tale about fire prevention was sent in by email by Robin Stevenson of Bishop Street Methodist Church in Leicester.

"This photograph shows the result of using an electrical extension cable with some of the cable left on the reel. We all know this is ‘not recommended' but to see this reel - which was probably only being used for PA/sound desk purposes - reminds us why.

The coiled wire had heated up to the point where the plastic casing had melted and completely fused together. Left for much longer the electrical and fire consequences could have been quite severe."

Fire safety is a major issue for those who look after faith buildings. Advice on fire safety issues can be accessed on the Faith in Maintenance website here.

There is also a helpful summary of what the current fire safety legislation means for places of worship on the Churchcare website.

Ecclesiastical have also produced an extremely useful set of guidance notes relating to fire safety.

Good advice on fire risk assessment can be found on the website of The Methodist Church.

If you are worried about the possibility of arson you might wish to download the prevention of arson guidance available from the Arson Prevention Bureau website.