About us

Course Aims

The Faith in Maintenance training courses were designed to enhance participants' understanding of:

  • the importance of their places of worship and the decay processes that affect them.
  • the difference between traditional and modern building materials and techniques.
  • the importance of using the appropriate materials for the maintenance and repair of historic places of worship.
  • how to plan, implement and monitor regular maintenance activities.
  • the legislative background affecting places of worship.
  • the role of professional advisers and other specialists.

At the end of the training day we hoped that participants would have gained:

  • an enhanced sensitivity towards the fabric of historic buildings.
  • an appreciation of the practical benefits of maintaining and repairing old buildings.
  • an ability to analyse and interpret basic decay problems.
  • an appreciation of when to seek expert advice and where to look for it.
  • an enhanced ability to communicate effectively with professional advisers and other specialists.
  • an enhanced ability to interpret and implement specialist reports.