This is both urgent and important. Please read now and consider whether you need to take action – for example, telling others about this opportunity, or applying for money for your listed place of worship.

In his  (3 December) Autumn Statement, the Chancellor announced a new, one-off grant scheme for roofs and gutters of listed places of worship.

£15 million pounds is available, for grants of between £10k and £100k. But the timescales for applications are exceptionally short as the closing date for applications is 12pm (Noon) on Friday 30th January 2015. Athough, if you are awarded a grant, you will then have reasonable time to complete the work.

Fortunately you don’t need to be too far down the road to apply. For example, you don’t need to have gained all the necessary permissions from the planning or denominational authorities. Obviously ou will need to be able to show that the work needs doing, for example by using a reasonably-recent architect’s inspection.

But anyone wishing to benefit from this will need to move fast, as applications have to be in by the end of January. The application form gives me the impression of having been intelligently designed with this situation in mind.

There is now a dedicated website up and running. It’s at . Usefully it includes an enquiry facility.

A few other useful points:

  • This grant is not funded by money from the Lottery.
  • Trusts which care for redundant places of worship are eligible under certain circumstances. See page 4 of the guidance pdf.
  • Please note that the paper application form on the website is not to be used – it is for reference, to allow you to plan an application – applications will be done online, the facility being available from 22 December on the website.
  • The Church of England has prepared some useful background material on their ChurchCare website, and this will probably be helpful to all denominations and faith groups.

By Becky Payne


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